This delightful bilingual edition of typical Judeo-Spanish folktales, is a pleasure to read in English, as well as in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), no matter what language one speaks. It captures the essence of a people, Sephardim, Spanish Jews who migrated hundreds of years ago to the Balkans, as well as to other countries, and yet kept their ancient Spanish language, as well as their sense of humor, so vital to their survival. My own family—from Istanbul and Çanakkale, in the Dardanelles—often told stories like the ones in “The Jewish Parrot,” and many were never written down. That’s why this book is a treasure for all ages, and the illustrations are gorgeous. Many thanks to the author for putting this together and keeping the “lost language of Ladino” alive and well and not so lost after all!

Brenda Serotte

Excellent book. Authentic Sephardic folk tales expressed in English and Ladino. A treat for all with an interest in Sephardic customs and Ladino. Very well designed and illustrated. Funny, ironic stories delightful and revealing. A contribution to maintaining the folk tradition of the Sephardic culture.

Joseph Behar